Aligot, Buron De Camejane © B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage For Pact Aubrac.Plate of aligot sausage.
©Plate of aligot sausage.|Benoit Colomb Lozère Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac.
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Local flavors

From Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn

Discover the local flavors of Lozère: from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn, flavors are nourished by the land and our rivers. Whether on the Aubrac Plateau , the Grands Causses, the Lot Valley or the Gorges du Tarn, you’ll find all the expertise of an exceptional terroir. Here, good food is essential, and there’s no shortage of specialities: Aligot, truffade, St-Frézal trout , pouteille, charcuterie, cheeses… Welcome to Lozère, for a 100% gourmet holiday!

Discover the many must-try dishes and local recipes you can reproduce at home…