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The Grands Causses

The Causse Méjean and Causse de Sauveterre,

The Grands Causses amaze us with their unspoilt landscapes and breathtaking views of the Tarn and Jonte gorges. Dotted with charming villages and hamlets of picturesque architecture and unrivalled tranquillity, the Causse de Sauveterre, the Causse Méjean and the Causse Noir combine nature and serenity while offering a wide variety of activities for young and old alike.


the Grands Causses

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Grands Causses Regional Nature Park

Discover an astonishing natural heritage on the Causse de Sauveterre and Causse Méjean. Although there are no rivers on the surface of these rugged landscapes, water has many surprises in store for us as it carves out surreal abysses, caves and avens in the bowels of the earth. From the observation of geological curiosities, animals and flowers to hiking, cycling or horse-riding, come and recharge your batteries or work up a sweat in these protected areas. Exceptional panoramas and natural sites await you!

Discover the cultural heritage of the Grands Causses

Let yourself be charmed by an extraordinary cultural heritage. The Grands Causses are listed as aUNESCO World Heritage Site as an example of the “Cultural Landscape of Mediterranean Agropastoralism”. Small-scale heritage features such as cazelles, drailles, fountains and lavognes, as well as magnificent Caussenard farms, bear witness to the special way of life that has shaped the region. Megaliths, dolmens and menhirs are also found in large numbers on the Grands Causses, some of which you can discover in our Carnet de Voyage.

Experience an extraordinary stay in the heart of the Grands Causses

Discover an exceptional terroir and know-how, and sample the local gastronomy in our restaurants, tables d’hôtes and directly on the farm. Whether in a gîte, hotel, chambre d’hôte or one of our many campsites, find the accommodation that’s right for you, for a natural, sporty or relaxing stay in the heart of a preserved area.

The Grands Causses in detail...