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The must-try dishes

A wealth of gastronomic delights

Discover the must-try dishes of our region between Aubrac, Gorges du Tarn, Vallée du Lot and Grands Causses. There’s no shortage of specialities in our region, which is rich in gastronomic delights. We give you our top 5 must-try dishes, not to be missed during your stay from Aubrac to Gorges du Tarn.


must-try dishes

de la Lozère

Typical dishes such as aligot, truffade, pouteille and coupétade showcase the local produce and authentic flavors of the Lozère department, and are sure to delight gourmets and lovers of traditional dishes.



Anessential recipe straight from the Aubrac plateau,aligot is a stringy purée made with potatoes, butter, cream, garlic and fresh Aubrac cheese. It’s a delight when the cold arrives, and even all year round!

Our tip: try aligot in the burons and restaurants of Aubrac, with Aubrac sausage or beef on the side… we’re sure you’ll tell us all about it!


The truffle

Another recipe from the Aubrac region! Truffade is a gourmet dish made with pan-fried potatoes (“truffas” in Occitan), mixed with aligot tomme, garlic, butter, salt and pepper.

Our tip: Can be served on its own or ideally served with charcuterie, Aubrac beef or sausage.



Manouls are a 100% Lozère dish, and more specifically a Canourguais dish. Manouls are a variant of tripoux (based on veal), with mutton bellies topped with veal strawberries and salted brisket.

Our tip: Serve manouls with potatoes and carrots.



A recipe from the Lot Valley, and more specifically from the village of La Canourgue, pouteille is a kind of beef stew marinated with pig’s trotters. This hearty dish used to be made by each family, then taken to the baker’s oven in an earthen “toupinou” before being served to guests. This ceremony of country gastronomy usually took place on Sundays.

Our tip: enjoy pouteille with potatoes, a glass of red wine and a slice of rye bread.


The coupétade

This time it’s not a dish, but THE Lozère dessert par excellence! Coupétade is a kind of French toast topped with prunes and baked in the oven… A real sweet treat with no waste!

Our tip: accompany coupétade with a custard or chantilly cream for extra indulgence…

Where to test these

traditional dishes

from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn?

These must-try dishes can be enjoyed in traditional restaurants: auberges, burons, village restaurants…