Herd of Aubrac cowsAubrac cows on the Aubrac plateau
©Aubrac cows on the Aubrac plateau|PALMIER ROBERT

Aubrac cows

The emblematic animal of the plateau

Discover the particularities and history of the famous Aubrac cows. Easy to spot on the Aubrac plateau in fine weather, Aubrac cows are one of the Lozère department’s most emblematic animals.

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The Aubrac cow

With its ochre coat, large, skyward-sweeping lyre-shaped horns and eyes that look as if they’ve been painted with kohl, the Aubrac cow is instantly recognizable. Renowned for her beauty but also her robustness, she is theemblem of the plateau.

The cow and Aubrac

The Aubrac cow was born on the plateau, so it is perfectly adapted to the harsh climatic conditions that prevail there: wind, cold, brutal temperature variations… It is renowned for its hardiness. It is undemanding in terms of feed, and is capable of consuming low-quality forage before becoming satiated with abundant grass.

Easy to rear, it requires less work than some cattle breeds for its breeder: in the summer, it adapts very well to life on its own in the immense pastures of Aubrac.

Aubrac meat

In the past, Aubrac cows were watched over by buronniers who milked them to produce laguiole and tomme cheese. Today, they are used almost exclusively for meat production, both purebred and crossbred with other bulls. The mother gives birth to one calf a year, mostly on her own, which is robust from birth and spends the first months of its life in the Aubrac pastures, close to its mother.

Aubrac meat is one of the most renowned meats in France, both tender and tasty, and goes perfectly with aligot, truffade and other gourmet accompaniments…

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