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European Bison

Discover an unusual animal

European bison in Lozère? Well, yes! Until the Middle Ages, bison lived in the forests of Europe. Due to massive deforestation and numerous wars, their natural habitat was altered, leading to the near extinction of the species.

The bison , a prehistoric animal

In the 20th century, a Polish zoologist (Yan Sztolcman) set up a rescue and protection plan for the bison, enabling it to be reintroduced via new reserves.

In terms of climate, environment and population, the Margeride in Lozère was the ideal place to create a reserve. The first bison releases took place in Sainte-Eulalie in the early 90s.

The European bison reserve

The Sainte-Eulalie reserve is home to two different types of bison: the European bison and the American bison.

The European bison can be distinguished by its more slender stance than the American bison, its horns protrude beyond its back and it has little fleece between them.

The American bison, on the other hand, has a straighter back, a pronounced hump and a low head. Its fleece is denser between the horns.

A visit to the animal park

The Sainte-Eulalie European Bison Reserve offers a unique experience for families, individuals and groups alike, where you can meet this extraordinary prehistoric animal.

Several types of visit are available: a visit by horse-drawn carriage or, when the snow sets in, a visit by sleigh.

What’s more, the reserve includes an animal museum to help you learn more about the European bison.

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