Field of Aubrac daffodils.Field of Aubrac daffodils.
©Field of Aubrac daffodils.|PALMIER ROBERT

Aubrac flowers

Discover the Aubrac plateau with its 1001 colors.

Daffodils, narcissi, orchids Aubrac flora has lived up to its reputation!

As we wander along, we marvel at the bright colors that contrast with the green of the pastures: flowering broom, daffodils, gentian… Nearly 2000 species share the plateau! Varied colors, scents and shapes, inviting us to explore.

Discovering Aubrac flowers

Spring is a time of colors and scents, with daffodils, narcissi, orchids, pulsatilla anemones and other fluffy-looking linaigrettes. Narcissus, nicknamed the “ white gold ” of the plateau, is harvested in late spring and sent to Grasse for use in the perfume industry.

Yellow gentian, another emblematic Aubrac plant

It’s easy to recognize: with its large size and tiered yellow flowers, it’s impossible to miss. Its root is used to make the famous aperitif of the same name… but beware of those who try it…

Aubrac tea

Aubrac tea, also known as large-flowered calament, is a wild plant used to make this famous tea. Discreet, this small plant with its crimson-pink flowers grows in the undergrowth of beech forests.

Many conditions are required for them to appear: volcanic soil, a certain altitude, beech trees, etc. These are all present on the Aubrac plateau, and even if they are found on a few other mountains in France, this is where it has always been used.

Peat bogs in Aubrac

Finally, the rich peat bogs are teeming with life.

These are wetlands with acidic, stagnant water. In this oxygen-poor environment, organic matter accumulates to form ” peat “, generally between 50 cm and 10 meters thick.

Many rare plant species can be found here, including Lapland willow, Siberian ligwort and drosera. This carnivorous plant is protected in France. It traps insects in the “hairs” that cover its leaves.

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  • What's the best time to see them?

    The best time to admire the Aubrac ‘s flower-filled landscapes:

    Mainly in spring, when flowers bud and nature turns green.

    But some flowers appear out of season:

    • Calament, from June to August.
    • Campanula, from July to August.
    • Drosera, from June to September.
    • Gentian, June to October.
    • Siberian Ligwort, July to September.
  • Can we pick the flowers?

    This is not advisable, as most of the flowers in Aubrac are protected.

    So if you don’t want to make a mistake, it’s best to avoid picking them!

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