Laguiole village plateau de l'aubracLaguiole, Aubrac plateau.
©Laguiole, Aubrac plateau.|© B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage pour PACT Aubrac.
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Laguiole: the capital of the Aubrac plateau! Located in the heart of theAubrac plateau , this village with its famous name is not to be missed. The birthplace of the famous Laguiole knife and cow’s milk cheese, it’s the ideal place for a vacation in Aubrac.

The village of Laguiole

A visit not to be missed

Laguiole may be the name of a knife or a cheese, but it’s first and foremost a must-see in the Aubrac region. Here you can discover a rich heritage, including Georges Guyot’s imposing bronze statue of “ Le Taureau de Laguiole “, the symbol of the Aubrac breed for the whole plateau, the church of Saint Matthieu and the presbytery of Laguiole, both listed as Historic Monuments, and the chapel on the Place du Foirail.

The Jeune Montagne cheese cooperative

A visit not to be missed

Located in the heart of Aubrac, La Coopérative Jeune Montagne producesAligot de l’Aubrac and Tome fraîche de l’Aubrac. It is also the main producer of Laguiole PDO cheesemade from whole, raw milk. The Coopérative Fromagère perpetuates the traditional know-how inherited from the monks and buronniers of Aubrac.

Try your hand at winter sports

Near Laguiole

Laguiole’s winter sports resort, Le Bouyssou, is located 10 km from the village. There are 14 downhill ski runs, a Nordic area, a toboggan run and marked snowshoe trails.

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