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The churches of Aubrac

Discover the charms and mysteries of Aubrac's religious heritage.

Discover the churches and chapels of Aubrac. A mysterious past has left us with a moving religious heritage: a number of churches and crosses, as well as monastic barns like those in the hamlet of Plagnes.

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the churches of Aubrac

Living on the Aubrac during the High Middle A ges was no picnic: brigands and highwaymen, wolves and other ferocious beasts were just some of the unfortunate encounters that Aubrac inhabitants and pilgrims were likely to encounter as they traversed the vast expanses of the plateau, then covered by thick, dark forests, before the monks of the Domerie d’Aubrac undertook a huge project to clear the land.

Heritage monuments

The modest yet elegant parish churches are no less touching, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sensitivity of these places, which were privileged witnesses to the history of these villages and hamlets.

An inspiring place

As you enter the churches of Les Hermaux, Saint-Pierre de Nogaret or Les Salces, it’s hard not to imagine the villagers who have lived within their walls, generation after generation. Custodians of their sorrows and joys, they will have witnessed the most significant milestones in their lives.

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