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Lake Born

An exceptional lake

Find out more about Lac de Born, a lake located on the Aubrac plateau between the communes of Les Salces and Marchastel.

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Perched at an altitude of 1260 metres, Lac de Born is one of the 4 glacial lakes of the Aubrac. It offers a panorama typical of the Aubrac plateau.

Lac de Born, an ideal place for flora and fauna

Lac de Born is one of the deepest lakes on the Aubrac plateau: some fifteen meters deep and covering 151 hectares, it is surrounded by wetlands and peat bogs, making it of particular ecological interest. So be careful when approaching it! In addition to its rich biodiversity, Lac de Born offers a panorama typical of the Aubrac plateau landscape.


The history of Lac de Born

After Francis 1st was defeated at Pavia in 1526, the monks of the Domerie d’ Aubrac came to his aid to pay a ransom to the Italians. As a sign of his gratitude, the king had the Lac de Born stocked with carp to feed the inhabitants of the plateau.

What about


in Lac de Born

Swimming is prohibited in Lac de Born.

The peat bogs are too dangerous and could drag you to the bottom of the lake.

What’s more, to protect certain species found in and around the lake, it’s best to stay away.

The only Aubrac lake open to bathers is Lac du Moulinet.

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