Transhumance on Aubrac Aveyronnais.Transhumance on Aubrac Aveyronnais.
©Transhumance on Aubrac Aveyronnais.|© B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac
The tradition of


THE not-to-be-missed event in Aubrac

Transhumance at the Col de Bonnecombe: every year, on the Sunday closest to May 25, at the Col de Bonnecombe on the Aubrac plateau in Lozère, farmers adorn their Aubrac cows with necklaces and wreaths of flowers and lead them from the stables to the high pastures: it’s the Transhumance!

On this occasion, Hélène will take you and her husband to spend the day at the Col de Bonnecombe

Transhumance parade of Aubrac village cows.Transhumance Aubrac (6)© B. Colomb Lozere Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac © B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac
©Transhumance parade of Aubrac village cows.

40 years old, on vacation with her partner in Saint-Germain du Teil

The tradition of Transhumance

Hélène and her husband take you on a tour of the traditional Transhumance festival at Col de Bonnecombe. Originally an economic necessity, transhumance to Aubrac was once reserved for ewe breeders. Forgotten for decades, the festival was reborn on the Col de Bonnecombe in 1993 thanks to the Aubrac Sud Lozère association, to become the transhumance of the beautiful Aubrac. It’s now a not-to-be-missed event on the Aubrac, and symbolizes the attachment of the plateau’s inhabitants to their customs. A beautiful day with a busy program… Onwards and upwards!


Departure from Saint-Germain du Teil to Col de Bonnecombe

Having come especially for the Fête de la Transhumance inAubrac, we’ve chosen to stay in Saint-Germain du Teil, some ten kilometers from the Col de Bonnecombe. The day before, we had already been to the site of the festival to get our bearings, but above all to take part in the hiking festival. On the program: a hike to the Signal de Mailhebiau, the highest point of the Aubrac, a storytelling walk, a mountain bike ride, an aperitif-concert… We opted for the hike, which was magnificent… Today is Transhumance day, and we don’t want to miss a thing: there’s a mass at 10am, so we’ve got to be quick!


Mass with folk group and blessing of the 1st flock

Arriving at the Col de Bonnecombe 5 minutes before mass was due to start, we made our way to the marquee under which it was taking place, with many people in attendance. The mass is led by the Bishop of Lozère and accompanied by a folk group– a memorable moment! Once the ceremony is over, the bishop symbolically blesses the first herd to arrive this morning. Here they come! 4 flocks are scheduled to arrive this year, each between 10:30 and 15:00… In the meantime, we’ve got something to look forward to…

@gorgesdutarn A look back at the Transhumance at Col de Bonnecombe, Sunday May 28, 2023. Transhumance is the seasonal movement of a herd, in this case our beautiful Aubrac cows, to summer pastures. We’d like to thank you all for coming, and look forward to seeing you next year, when we’ll be parading our beautifully decorated Aubracs and discovering our gastronomic delights in a convivial atmosphere! #aubracgorgesdutarn#aubrac#decouverte#campagne#decouverte#aubrac#naturelover#tiktokvoyage#nature#explorer#outdoor#tourisme#travel#tiktoktourisme#occitanie#tourism#voyage#grandscausses#bonnecombe#transhumance#vaches#aligot♬ Come Prima – Tito Puente And His Orchestra & Abbe Lane


Traditional meal on site

It’s now midday, and we’re rushing off to buy our meal tickets to enjoy a delicious traditional meal, with charcuterie, aligot and beef, cheese and dessert on the menu. There were also a number of fast-food stalls on site, as well as a refreshment bar, which came in very handy…

In the afternoon

Lots of entertainment

After lunch, we decided to take a stroll around the all-day local market. Many stands selling local products, crafts and associations are present: cheeses, charcuterie, honeys, jams, local produce, wicker baskets, decorations, accessories for the Transhumance, tourist information… It’s all there! At the same time, folk dances and Occitan songs are performed, a tombola is organized and we await the 3 remaining herds…


Herds arrive gradually

The other three herds arrive as the afternoon progresses, all from local farms in the hamlets around the Col de Bonnecombe. Once they’ve arrived at the pass, each herd is placed in a different pen to take a break and allow the public to admire them up close… However, care must be taken when the herds arrive, so as not to disturb or stress the Aubrac cows and bulls. The Transhumance at Bonnecombe is one of the biggest events in the Lozère department, and many visitors, both locals and tourists, attend every year….

An experience not to be missed!

We loved this day at Col de Bonnecombe, the gateway to the Aubrac region, where we were able to see Aubrac cows up close, chat with the breeders, stock up on local produce and discover local traditions… We’ll definitely be back, and who knows, maybe next time we’ll follow a herd from the farm to the estives? It’s your turn to live this experience! If you’d like more information about the Transhumance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office de Tourisme de l’Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn on 04 66 32 83 67 or the Aubrac Sud Lozère association, which organizes the event!

Everything you need for this experience

Information to take part in the Transhumance at Col de Bonnecombe

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