Aligot spinning in the pan, recipe.Aligot filant.
©Aligot filant.|© B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage pour PACT Aubrac.
The ultimate family experience

Taste an aligot

on the Aubrac plateau

Aligot tasting with the family: Audrey and her family tested out a day on the Aubrac plateau for you! And to round off this day of discovery, they opted for a must: an aligot tasting in a buron after a day of exploring this famous plateau…

Aubrac family spring.Truc D'usanges (1)© B. Colomb Lozere Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac © B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac
©Aubrac family spring.
Audrey, 38 years old

On vacation with her family, she tells us about their day in Aubrac, which ended in style with a tasting of aligot!

Aligot, a must

Valentine and her family tested out a day out on the Aubrac plateau. This Grand Site is an ideal playground for lovers of outdoor sports and discovery! They opted for a must-do, tasting an aligot in a buron after a day exploring the authentic Aubrac plateaux.


Boucle du loup family hike

We start our family adventure on the Aubrac plateaux, in the picturesque village of Les Salces , with a fitness hike. Together, we discover the beauty of our landscape , with its forests of beech, spruce, black pine and Scots pine, stopping first at the Trébatut panorama . Continuing our exploration, we noticed the wolf cross on an old track, then the Pierrefiche cross sculpted with a Naive Christ. Amazed by this wilderness, we returned to our starting point and visited theRomanesque church of Saint-Privat, the fountain and the shoeing loom at Les Salces. The children loved this early morning.

“The only way to know how far you can go is to set out and walk”, Henri Bergson.


Oh trout!

We’re off to the Etang de Bonnecombe for a late-morning family fishing trip. At an altitude of 1350 metres above sea level in the Aubrac region, the pond is an ideal spot for rainbow trout fishing for all ages! Several pontoons have been laid out for easy access when walking around the pond with my family. On the other hand, the setting is still wild enough to observe the local flora and fauna. When one of us catches a trout, we spend a convivial momenttogether, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

“The sweetest happiness is that which is shared”, Jacques Delille.


Relaxation & picnic

After our successful fishing trip, we head for an unusualpicnic spot, theCasacade du Saltou. Once again, we have an unforgettable time as a family! I explain that the cascade du Saltou is formed by a stream that starts at the Col de Bonnecombe and then forms a waterfall tumbling down remarkable basalt organs. The setting is made all the more picturesque by the fact that the waterfall is completely invisible from the surrounding area, and you have to be at its foot to enjoy the spectacle.

“Reality is what is shared”, Bernardo Carvalho.


An excursion to Château de la Baume

It’s time to continue our adventure to the Château de la Baume!
Listed as a Monument Historique, it is one of the highest castles in France. It has been inhabited by the de Las Case family for over a century and a half. The family is keen to show off the building to the many visitors who flock here every year to discover the “ little Versailles of Gévaudan “. My children, my husband and Imarvel at the beauty of this building, which has survived the centuries without a trace.

“The desire to live is reborn in us each time we become aware once again of beauty and happiness”, Marcel Proust.


The perfect time to discover
the Déroc waterfall

The Déroc waterfall, 3 kilometers from Nasbinals, towers thirty meters above thesmall glacial valley of the Gambaïse stream. It is formed by this tributary of the Bès and the outlet of the Lac des Salhiens, which meet at a basalt ledge to plunge almost 30 metres below. The waterfall is home to one of Aubrac’s treasures: a small cave with a spectacular ceiling formed by imposing basalt organs. This cave is said to have been a refuge for brigands in ancient times. My family and I loved this spectacle ofnature, which whetted our appetites.

“Water alone is eternal”, De Yun Seondo.


Aligot tasting…

Happy about this day, we sit down at theAuberge du Radal to taste the famous Aubracaligot. The innkeeper knows his trade: he prepares it before our very eyes, while talking with love about his country. With strength and dexterity, he spins the aligot higher and higher, until it’s ready to be tasted. There’s no time to lose: once the dish stops heating, it must be eaten without delay, otherwise the aligot will “fall back”. Charles Dauban approaches us and deftly serves the aligot directly onto our plates. It has to be said, he’s had a lot of practice. The Dauban family have “ Aubrac at heart “, as they say. Since 1975, they have run this inn perched on the Col du Trébatut. The evening continues in conviviality and joy with my family, the Aubrac plateau hearing our bursts of laughter can consider itself the winner.

“Friendship improves happiness, soothes misery, doubles joy and divides sorrow”, Cherry Blossom.

Everything you need for this experience

Information for a worry-free trip
  • How to get to Aubrac

    To get the most out of Aubrac, we recommend you take the Route des Lacs. Starting from the Rond-Point de la route des lacs (Booz traffic circle) or from Nasbinals, take this route through incomparable scenery: waterfalls, lakes, burons and Aubrac cows await you along the way…

  • Where to eat a good aligot?

    If you’re looking for a real aligot, nothing beats a visit to a buron or inn on the Aubrac plateau. Discover the Auberge du Radal and the Relais des lacs, two addresses not to be missed on the Lozère Aubrac.

  • What's the ideal time of year to visit Aubrac with your family and eat an aligot?

    Aubrac is beautiful all year round!

    In spring: discover landscapes in bloom with narcissus, gentian and wild daffodils…
    Summer: admire the beautiful Aubrac cows grazing on the plateau and enjoy the fresh air.
    Autumn: a few snowflakes may begin to fall, and the waterfalls and lakes are full of water… it’s also the ideal time to enjoy aligot!
    Winter: the landscape is covered in snow, and ski resorts like Col de Bonnecombe are open for business.

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