Vulture resting on a rock, Benoit Colomb Pact Gdt CrtloccitanieVulture resting on a rock, Benoit Colomb Pact Gdt Crtloccitanie
©Vulture resting on a rock, Benoit Colomb Pact Gdt Crtloccitanie|BENOIT COLOMB

The animals

des Gorges du Tarn

The Gorges du Tarn are home to a variety of animals: from mouflons to chamois, from vultures to eagles and other birds of prey… They all live in the Gorges du Tarn, an area that is ideal for the conservation of their species.

Remarkable species

The Gorges du Tarn is: incredible landscapes and spots, picturesque villages, protected natural areas and sites… and around it all, numerous wild animals occupy this territory where the fauna is protected and at peace.

Let us introduce you to the 4 key animals of the Gorges du Tarn: vultures and other birds, mouflons and chamois. During your vacation in Lozère, you may be able to observe them from near or far!



How can we fail to marvel at these birds with their impressive wingspans? Having disappeared for some time, vultures are now back in the Gorges du Tarn, and the shadow of their spread wings hovers over our heads as they swirl in the currents between the vertiginous cliffs.

France’s largest birds, they are the emblem of these parts. There are several species of vulture: the griffon vulture, the black vulture, the bearded vulture and the Egyptian vulture.


Other birds

The Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte are also home to a large number of other birds, including eagles and other birds of prey such as circaètes Jean le Blanc, kites, buzzards, eagles… As the area is protected, so are the birds and other animals present in the Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte.


The mouflons

Other animals such as mouflons inhabit the cliffs of the Gorges du Tarn. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of these discreet cliff dwellers, particularly the mouflons that have been repopulating these territories for some years now.

Often found on the cliffs or ledges of the Gorges du Tarn, mouflons are a kind of wild sheep, and can even be heard on hikes along the edge of the causses … so keep your ears open!



Extreme mountaineers, chamois are often seen flitting about the steep walls of the Gorges du Tarn. Reintroduced a few years ago, particularly in the Gorges du Tarn, chamois have adapted perfectly to this territory. To catch a glimpse, you need to be very lucky and keep a close eye on the scree and cliffs of the Gorges…

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