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Château de blanquefort

Can you distinguish Blanquefort castle from the cliffs surrounding Les Vignes?

DiscoverChâteau de Blanquefort in the Gorges du Tarn. Can you distinguish it from the cliffs of the Causse Méjean encircling the Vignes?

The ruins of a perched castle

Château de Blanquefort towers over the village of Les Vignes from its rocky promontory, barely visible from the road. Given the accessibility of the site and its apparent austerity, this mysterious fortress was probably more a lookout post than a seigneurial residence…

A forgotten story

Château de Blanquefort appears to have been mentioned as early as the 12th century by Raimond de Roquefeuil, legate of the diocese of Mende in 1193. The château is one of the castles that encircle the Causse Méjean, controlling the access routes to the plateau. Its strategic position gave lookouts an exceptional view of the Gorges du Tarn, from the Pas de Soucy to the village of Le Rozier.

Although its history has been lost in the twists and turns of centuries gone by, the Château de Blanquefort, now a ruin, continues to amaze visitors who think to look up. The castle is easily visible as you take the road down from the Causse Méjean towards Les Vignes.

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