vase de sèvre vase de chine gorges de la jonte hikingThe vase de sèvre and the vase de chine.
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The Vase de Chine and the Vase de Sèvre

Surprising rocks on the Causse Méjean ledge...

Discover the Vase de Sèvre and the Vase de Chine in the Gorges de la Jonte, mysterious rocks on the corniche of the Causse Méjean

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In the vertiginous Gorges de la Jonte, above the Causse Méjean, there are two astonishing boulders to be found on a breathtaking hike. These two monoliths are commonly referred to as ” Vase de Sèvre ” and ” Vase de Chine “, in reference to their evocative shapes.

Remarkable rocks

Discover these astonishing whims of nature, in the heart of a grandiose environment. The Gorges de la Jonte, cousins of the Gorges du Tarn, are no match for the splendor of the latter. You’ll have the chance to admire them on a sumptuous corniche hike, during which you’ll be spied by hordes of griffon vultures circling above the wild cliffs.

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Vase de Chine and Vase de Sèvre

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