Causse Méjean, wide open spaces without too much vegetationCausse méjean - wide open spaces
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Protected areas

des Grands Causses

Discover breathtaking nature, shaped by man for thousands of years. The Grands Causses are protected areas to be preserved.

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Protected areas

Des Grands Causses

The protected areas of the Grands Causses

Beyond their apparent ruggedness, the Grand Causses are teeming with life, and mysterious nature has given birth to sometimes well-hidden feats. These territories are now protected, so that we can bequeath their beauty to future generations.

A Parc Régional Naturel des Grands Causses was created in 1995, straddling the departments of Lozère and Aveyron. Areas of high ecological interest have also been designated Natura 2000. Last but not least, the area is aUNESCO World Heritage Site, a cultural landscape of Mediterranean agropastoralism.

What are

the Grands Causses?

Grands Causses?
  • Causse de Sauveterre, overlooking the Lot Valley and the Gorges du Tarn
  • Causse Méjean, encircled on one side by the Gorges du Tarn and on the other by the Gorges de la Jonte
  • The Causse Noir, between Millau and the Cévennes.
  • Causse Comtal (in Aveyron).
  • Causse de Sévérac (Aveyron).
  • Causse Rouge (Aveyron).
  • Causse du Larzac (between Aveyron and Hérault).

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