rocher sabot de malepeyre la canourgueSabot De Malepeyre.
©Le Sabot De Malepeyre. |BENOIT COLOMB

Natural sites in the Lot Valley

Discover the exceptional natural sites of the Lot Valley in Lozère. The Lot Valley and the Vallon de l’Urugne offer you an incomparable natural environment, full of life and joy, where the sound of flowing water resonates with that of singing birds. For thousands of years, mankind has settled here in harmony with nature, and beyond the steeples of centuries-old churches and the towers of medieval castles can be seen, between green valleys and wooded hills.

The Lot Valley offers exceptional natural sites and unspoilt countryside. Surrounded to the south by the impressive cliffs of the Causses, carved out by the rivers, and to the north by the Aubrac foothills, from which the rieuses boraldes tumble, the Valley offers grandiose landscapes. From the Causse de Sauveterre, you’ll find incomparable viewpoints: Sabot de Malepeyre and Rocher de Roqueprins await you! Come and discover the charm of these unique landscapes: the Valley is easy to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback.

Locating natural sites

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The Lot Valley in detail...