Fortified hamlet of Le Villard near Chanac in the Lot ValleyFortified hamlet of Villard - Lot Valley
©Fortified hamlet of Villard - Lot Valley
DiscoverLe Villardan exceptionally well-preserved medieval episcopal fortress!

Le Villard

The emblematic hamlet of Chanac, Le Villard is an ancient fortified site on the banks of the Lot, where you can enjoy an exceptional panorama of the Lot Valley. There’s also a picnic area by the river where you can relax with family and friends.

Le Villard

A village split in two

Take a moment to discover Villard vieux, the first village on a high hill, and Villard jeune, the second village. This former episcopal site was once part of the priory of Chanac, governed by the bishop of Mende. A cultural heritage steeped in history and emotion.

Le Villard

A little history…

In the Middle Ages, Le Vill ard was part of the mandement of Château de Chanac, an episcopal possession of which all that remains today is the famous keep. Le Villard jeune dates back to the 13th century, with the founding of Château de Villard. At that time, the hamlet was a fortified outpost used to defend the western flank of the episcopal domain from the forces of the Capetian kings based at La Canourgue, Chirac and Marvejols. Damaged during the Wars of Religion, Villard was abandoned in favor of Chanac. The hamlet gradually declined until it was completely abandoned in the 18th century. In the 1980s, the ramparts, the church, the fortified gate and some of the houses were restored with the help of the French government and local authorities, including the commune of Chanac, through a school project.

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