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Sainte-Eulalie dOlt

Sainte Eulalie d’Olt was founded in the Middle Ages. Called “Castrum” (castle) in old records, Sainte Eulalie would have been a stronghold surrounded by walls, moats and towers. This medieval town has many attractions to seduce visitors: charming alleyways ideal for strolling, numerous flower-filled facades, a rich heritage… The village is one ofFrance‘s “most beautiful villages“.


A picturesque village

As you stroll through the village’s narrow streets, you’ll discover its 11th-century church, listed as a Monument Historique, which holds a relic containing a fragment of Christ’s crown of thorns. The church was converted into a defensive building. In 1530, it was enlarged by order of the Bishop of Rodez. In the heart of the village, you can also visit the 15th-century château fort, a listed historic monument, and the 17th-century mill. In the past, in addition to milling, this mill produced walnut oil and tanning powder for the local tannery.

Art and

and Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt

For many years now, Sainte Eulalie d’Olt has been turning its attention toart, not only through the town’s architecture, but also thanks to its inhabitants. A wide range of cultural activities is on offer. You can visit the Marcel Boudou Museum, which exhibits works by local painter Marcel Boudou and hosts themed temporary exhibitions. Open July and August. You can also discover a former 17th-century barn, restored to accommodate artists and craftsmen. This building, named ” Eulalie d’Art “, now houses creative workshops: a potter, a glass bead jewelry designer and a glass blower….

La Sainte Epine

A must in Ste-Eulalie-d’Olt

Every year, on the second Sunday in July, a procession takes place to celebrate the Sainte Epine. Costumed villagers re-enact the main phases of Christ’s ascent to Calvary. The whole weekend is devoted to festivities, with a traditional ball, meals and fireworks.


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