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Discover and orderOur products made in Aubrac Gorges du Tarn

Our products made in Aubrac Gorges du Tarn

The Office de tourisme de l’Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn invites you to discover the various Made in Aubrac Gorges du Tarn products. These products are made locally, mostly by hand, using environmentally-friendly processes.

Through these different products, we want to promote short circuits and local production, because the local economy is important to us. Craftsmen, companies and individuals offer you quality local products, made with the utmost care. Authentic Lozère and Aveyronnais products that will remind you of and make you the first ambassadors of our destination from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn.

Organic cosmetics, jewelry, cutting boards, Fimo magnets, knife sheaths… All you have to do is make your choice! Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest (see sales/delivery conditions and shipping costs at the bottom of the page*).


From Mas d'Ardenne to Servières

Board games

Grain de créa in Sévérac-d'Aveyron

Fimo clay magnets

From Patricia Malet to Soulages


AKO at La Canourgue

Magnets and creative kits

Les Péquelettes del Sol, Gard

Leather goods

GC Maroquinerie in La Canourgue

Leather goods

Navaj'Hopi in Recoules-de-l'Hom

Wooden nib and ink

L'Atelier de la Mare Basse in Le Massegros

Wooden objects

Mr Fielbal in Banassac

Wooden objects and games

Cariboud'bois in Le Monastier

Wooden boards

Alexandre Sévennes at Massegros


Marie-Hélène Dulac at Soulages

On the food side

Our boutique also offers 100% local food products: cookies, vinegars, honeys, chocolates…

These products are not available for shipment. For all requests, please contact us or visit our boutique.

Terms of sale and delivery

Conditions of purchase

Several steps:

  1. Choose the product(s) you wish to purchase.
  2. Contact the Office de tourisme de l’Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn at: 04-66-48-88-08 / 04-66-32-83-67 / 04-66-48-29-28 or by e-mail: and state the list of product(s) you would like to order and your method of payment.
  3. One of our team members will explain how to send your payment to the Office.
  4. Once payment has been received (only), our team will send your order directly to your home.

Applicable shipping costs

Shipping costs :

  • For a total purchase of less than €10: €2.95
  • For purchases between €10 and €40: €3.95
  • For purchases over €40: €4.95