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The pretty berries of Aubrac

At the height of summer on the Aubrac, small, dark berries with a sweet, mild flavor appear all over the plateau: blueberries.


Blueberries need cool, light, acidic soil and plenty of light.

From 800 m to 1000 m altitude, they are found mainly in undergrowth, but also in open ground between 1000 m and 1400 m: the Aubrac plateau is therefore the ideal place to find bilberries. This is one of Lozère’s essential wild fruits, to be enjoyed in summer and used without moderation in your recipes!

Blueberries have health benefits!

They are powerful antioxidants and have a high nutritional profile. What’s more, they are very rich in Vitamin C, which some specialists believe may promote eye health.

Blueberry products

Many local products are made from bilberries: syrups, lemonades, juices, jams, crunchies… and even vinegar. You’ll find these blueberry-based products at local producers and markets.

So what are you waiting for?

Where to find


with blueberries?

Visit the producers directly, or most of the stores in the region to satisfy your craving for blueberries!

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