truffle lozère gorges du tarnBlack Périgord truffle, picked in the Gorges du Tarn.
©Black Périgord truffle, picked in the Gorges du Tarn.|Rochereau Pierre

Truffles from the Gorges du Tarn

A mushroom, nicknamed the black diamond!

The Périgord black truffle is a mushroom appreciated the world over for its fragrance and distinctive taste. Present and cultivated in Lozère on limestone soils, particularly in the Gorges du Tarn, this mushroom requires an open (sunny) environment and a host tree (here, often the oak). This product has been known since antiquity, and the Romans undoubtedly consumed the local truffle, which they already considered a precious delicacy.


In Lozère, the richness of the soil produces truffles with a pronounced taste. On the other hand, their appearance is not necessarily very aesthetic, since these mushrooms grow in an environment with many stones hindering their growth.

The history of truffles

Marvejols was the first village to market this black diamond, as were Mende and the Gorges du Tarn. But due to excessive exploitation, it almost disappeared from the territory. Until the creation in 1994 of the “Syndicat des Trufficulteurs Lozériens” based in La Canourgue, fighting for the preservation of the truffle and its reintegration into the Lozere territory.

The truffle festival!

The annual truffle festival in La Canourgue takes place on the 1st Sunday in February.

Come and learn all about the Périgord black truffle, found in Lozère. Cooking workshops, tastings, truffle and local markets, cavage au cochon, lectures… everything you need to learn and enjoy! An experience not to be missed. Every year, many visitors come together for this event.

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