Peche Etang De Bonnecombe 3 B. Colomb Lozere Sauvageaveyron Attractivite TourismePeche Etang De Bonnecombe 3 B. Colomb Lozere Sauvageaveyron Attractivite Tourisme
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The ultimate Aubrac experience

A day of fishing

at Bonnecombe pond

TheEtang de Bonnecombe is one of 3 federal lakes in Lozère, along with the Etang de Barrandon and the Etang de St-Léger-du-Malzieu. It’s the ideal place to go fishing with family or friends for a day or half-day. Let’s go for a day’s fishing at the Etang de Bonnecombe! Gabriel, on vacation with his family, spent a day fishing at the Bonnecombe fishing pond, gateway to the Aubrac plateau.

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18 years old.
On vacation in La Canourgue with his family.

Fishing on the Aubrac

Today, we’ve decided to go fishing with our family on the Aubrac. We didn’t bring a fishing rod, and we don’t have a Lozère fishing card, but we’re going trout fishing at theBonnecombe pond! There’s no need for all that, as fishing rods are available for hire and you pay according to the number of trout you buy.


First stop at Saint-Germain-du-Teil

Before setting off in the direction of Col de Bonnecombe, we take the time to stop in Saint-Germain-du-Teil to enjoy the small Friday morning market in the village square. The charming square is lined with trees and old houses. It is dominated by a pretty 19th-century church with a remarkable bell tower. We’ve been told that this village is the ” gateway to Aubrac “, and you can already smell the fresh air of the Plateau… Now it’s time to take the car and head for theBonnecombe fishing pond.


Arrival at Bonnecombe

After passing the Col du Trébatut and the village of Les Salces, we continue climbing until we reach our destination. We’ve quickly gained altitude, having climbed from 750 metres to 1340! The Signal de Mailhebiau, the highest point in the Aubrac region at 1469 metres, is just around the corner. We park in the parking lot provided and head for theBonnecombe fishing pond. We can’t wait to get our fishing gear on! But before we start fishing, we head for the welcome chalet, where we’re warmly welcomed. We chose the package with tickets for X trout, rented four rods, bought a box of worms, and off we went to the lake! We quickly found a quiet, shady spot where the whole family could sit down… My little brother Louis is even more impatient, as he’s about to go fishing for the very first time!


Lots of trout!

We spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon fishing together, and catch a lot of trout! After a picnic break and a siesta in the sun for some, we take up our rods again to catch the few remaining trout, which we do in no time… Here, the trout are released into the pond at the start of the season to make fishing easy for all. Proud of our haul, we headed back to our car, having circumnavigated the lake via the small pontoon bridge. This fishing trip was really great and practical for the whole family, so we were all able to enjoy it!


After fishing, a walk!

The air of Aubrac, it digs! Before heading back down from the plateau, we decide to make a reservation in a restaurant to taste the famous aligot. And what better way to wait until reservation time than to take a walk along the cross-country ski trails of the Col de Bonnecombe resort? There’s not much snow this sunny summer, but the trails are well-marked and allow us to take a nice stroll through the Baronte woods without getting lost…


An aligot to end the day!

We’ve loved this day, but we’re still glad it’s over, so we can go and enjoy a well-deserved aligot in an authentic buron! No doubt we’ll be back to spend a day here again soon. In the meantime, tomorrow lunchtime will be devoted to Bonnecombe trout!