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Motor sports

For sporty vacations!

We offer a wide range of motorsports: scooters, quads, go-karts, gyropods, 4x4s, SUVs….

All about Motorsports

Make the most of your vacation by filling up onadrenaline and discovering landscapes each more beautiful than the last!

Electrically-assisted mountain biking, to go further and further!

Renting a VTTAE (electrically-assisted bike) is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. From Le Massegros or La Canourgue, visit the tourist offices to rent one and find out about suitable routes!

A 4x4 ride

Choose a quad bike ride near the Millau Viaduct, a 4×4 ride on the Grands Causses with exceptional views of the Tarn Gorges, or a trip up the Lot Valley to discover the wonders of Aubrac!

Riding a 4×4 means discovering little-explored places, going far and staying close. Around here, all roads lead to breathtaking landscapes!

Motocross, a sport of endurance!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trainer, you’re probably wondering how to get started!

We have two local motorcycle clubs:
  • On the Grands Causses: Le moto club du Massegros

It has a motorcycle school, and 1 Sunday morning out of 2, courses are organized for children and adults by qualified sportsmen and women. Equipment can be loaned (boots, elbow pads, stone guards), but motorcycles cannot be lent or hired.

What’s more, every year between April and May the club organizes an Endurance race and an EnduroKid.

  • In the Lot Valley: Chanac motorcycle club

This motorcycle club has members of all ages, each with his or her own tasks in organizing the annual race which takes place between September and November. EnduroKid, Endurance or EnduroSprint, you’re sure to find the race that suits you best!

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