The aim of the Vallée du Lot à vélo itinerary is to link the confluence of the Garonne – and thus the Canal des 2 mers – with Mont Lozère, following the river Lot back to its source. The route crosses the departments of Lot-et-Garonne, Lot, Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère. For the moment, the route starts (or stops) at the heart of our destination: La Canourgue, Lozère’s little Venice. The rest of the itinerary and its signposting to the sources of the Lot are planned…

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the Lot Valley by bike

The Lot Valley by bike is :

  • A cycling itinerary departing from La Canourgue (Lozère) or Aiguillon (Lot-et-Garonne).
  • 480 km of cycle paths and shared roads.
  • 3,342 m of negative altitude difference, for 3,882 m of positive altitude difference.
  • 1 week+ tour.
  • Numerous stages and villages for accommodation and refreshments.
  • Specific signposting: the Vallée du Lot à vélo is fully signposted with the name “La Vallée du Lot à vélo” and signposting.

The Lot Valley by bike

A charming itinerary

Explore the beauty of the Lot Valley, discovering breathtaking landscapes along the riverbed that crosses several départements. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or an amateur, this road bike tour can be done at your own pace in several stages…

Here are the main stages:

  • Capdenac – la Canourgue over 230 km
  • Capdenac – Cahors 80 km
  • Cahors – Canal des 2 Mers (Aiguillon, where the Lot flows into the Garonne) 160 km

Some variations away from the river are available to discover the surrounding area.


How to get to La Canourgue

Plan your cycling trip from La Canourgue! There are several ways to get to La Canourgue: by train from Banassac station (the village next to La Canourgue), by car from the A75, exit 40, by parking at La Canourgue, by bus via the LIO 280 line to the Banassac car-sharing area…

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