Hikers on the Aubrac GR.Hikers on the Aubrac GR.
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Good hiking and bivouac practices

From Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn

Through our hiking trails in the Gorges du Tarn, the Lot Valley, the Grands Causses and the Aubrac Plateau, we advise you on the best practices to adopt during your outings.

What are the right things to do, and is bivouac camping allowed here? We tell you all about it!

Our tips for

a hike from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn

Whether you’re hiking for a few hours or several days, it’s important to remember that hiking is not without risks! And when it comes to risks, taking unmarked trails is one of them, so it’s essential to respect the markings and not damage them once you’re on the trail. Of course, when you’re out hiking, make sure you don’t pollute nature, and take along some garbage… and don’t light any fires, especially when you’re bivouacking in authorized areas near the GR trails (caution: forbidden in classified sites).

We’ll tell you more below…


Hiking, yes, but well equipped!

If you’re going to be hiking for two hours or several days, it’s essential tohave the right equipment. From the Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn, the landscapes vary and so do the hiking trails, so you need to adapt! In our region, hiking is possible all year round, with the ideal season being from April to October in terms of weather…

So walk well equipped:

  • hiking boots or sneakers with thick, grippy soles
  • Something to cover your head in hot or cool weather
  • Headlamp (in case of early nightfall)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing: in summer, beware of heatwaves – it’s better to stay cool; in winter, get out well covered, especially on the Aubrac.
  • A rucksack with all the essentials: food, water, medical supplies, etc.
  • Walking sticks, if necessary.
  • Set off with all the documentation you need for your itinerary: hiking map, ign map, gpx on your smartphone…


Respect the route markings

When hiking, it’s essential to respect and follow the route markings: yellow (PR), yellow and red (GRP), white and red (GR). And don’t take unmarked paths nearby. Our 37 short hikes from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn are sometimes subject to passage agreements on private property, so it’s essential to follow the signs. The markings are maintained every year, as are the circuits, by local hiking associations.


Respecting the environment

Hiking means respecting nature! Make sure you don’t throw your garbage into nature (take something with you to dispose of it), don’t light fires, don’t pick up protected or endangered plants or flowers, close any fences after you’ve passed through, and avoid cultivated fields… be careful with sheep, cows, and even more so with dogs (keep them on a leash and away from the animals).


Bivouac: authorized or not?

Bivouacs and wild camping are strictly forbidden in classified sites. Elsewhere, bivouac regulations apply: you can bivouac within 50 metres of GR and GRP trails from 7pm to 9am. It is often forbidden to camp near a watering hole or a listed monument (it’s best to contact the town halls of the various towns you’ll be crossing, which will inform you of any bylaws concerning bivouacs).

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