Pause gr 65 chemin compostelleA break for hikers on the GR 65 pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.
©A break for hikers on the GR 65 pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.|© B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage pour PACT Aubrac.

The road to Santiago de Compostela

GR 65 on the Aubrac

The Route de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, along the GR65, is a trail that crosses the Aubrac plateau. Discover the high plateaus and magnificent landscapes of Aubrac, on the Lozère and Aveyron sides, as you head towards the Lot Valley. Discover this unspoilt plateau, a blend of tradition, know-how and unspoilt nature. There are several routes to Santiago de Compostela.

All you need to know

of Santiago de Compostela

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is :

  • The GR65 on Aubrac: starts in Aumont-Aubrac and ends in Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac.
  • 930 km of GR® trails, and 45km on the GR65 between Aumont-Aubrac and Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac.
  • Around 880 m D+ on Aubrac.
  • 3 days on the plateau, 39 days in total.
  • Numerous stages and villages for accommodation and supplies.
  • Specific GR markings: white and red.


Legend has it that, after Pentecost, Saint James set out to evangelize Spain. He landed in Andalusia on the Mediterranean coast, and from there went to Galicia, a region at the north-western tip of the Iberian Peninsula. After several years of apostolate, he returned to Jerusalem, where he was beheaded. Two of his disciples put his body in a boat and set sail. The boat, pushed by wind and water, ran aground at the bottom of an estuary in Galicia, where the town of Iria Flavia, now known as Padrón (penultimate stage on the Portuguese road to Santiago), was later founded. His two disciples buried the apostle’s body inland, in a place where the city of Santiago de Compostela was later built.

A unique experience

On the GR65

Following the Pilgrim ‘s Way to Santiago de Compostela is an opportunity to discover the high plateaus and magnificent landscapes of Aubrac, before reaching the Lot Valley… Whether you set off for a few days or several weeks, crossing the Aubrac is a unique and revealing experience for all walkers and pilgrims. Don’t hesitate to carry with you the famous scallop shell, which the jacquets brought back from the coasts of Galicia… as proof of their long journey.


Discovering the heritage of Aubrac

The GR65 will take you through Aubrac at your own pace, discovering the local heritage and sights: burons, Aubrac cows,local heritage, villages, lakes and waterfalls (off the beaten track)… you’re sure to get a change of scene!

What are you waiting for to walk this emblematic GR?

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the Way of Saint James