Causse Méjean sunsetSunset on the Méjean.
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Tour of the Causse Méjean

A GRP to discover the Causse Méjean and its vast expanses.

Discover the GR de Pays du Tour du Causse Méjean: take a hiking excursion through the Causse Méjean, which borders the Gorges du Tarn and the Gorges de la Jonte. With less than 1.5 inhabitants per km², discover the least populated part of France’s least populated department! With its Montgolie appearance, this vast limestone plateau boasts many jewels, includingAven Armand, the panoramic Roc des Hourtous, the Moulin de la Borie… and is sure to give you a change of scene… Welcome to the peace and quiet of a hiker’s paradise!

All about the tour

du Causse Méjean

Le tour du Causse Méjean is :

  • A GR de Pays (GRP) starting from Meyrueis (loop)
  • 131 km of calm
  • 3559 m of ascent
  • 6 days of hiking
  • Average difficulty: around 3000 m D+.

An exotic solitude

Spend several days hiking on the vast plateau of the Causse Méjean. Experience a complete change of scenery as you travel through this timeless area, passing through numerous typical villages and hamlets with remarkable architecture. You’ll sometimes meet the proud inhabitants of their region, often working in agriculture or close to nature… Here, agropastoralism has shaped the landscape over the years: in fine weather, you’re sure to come across flocks of sheep lining your path through the arid lands of the Causse Méjean. The aim of the association des brebis et des hommes, based in Hyelzas, is to mobilize local players and, above all, breeders, who are invited to open up to the outside world and share their experience with visitors. In short, on the GRP Tour du Causse Méjean, you’ll be hiking, but not just hiking!


A tour of discovery

Take a deep breath and experience the great outdoors as you hike around the Causse Méjean!

Moors, hills and arid steppes that resemble Mongolian steppes… but also spectacular views of the Tarn and Jonte gorges. Discover a unique historical and architectural heritage: hamlets with houses in theCaussenarde style, lavognes, menhirs and dolmens, clapas, cazelles… All in the heart of France’s largest UNESCO site, the “Causses et Cévennes”!

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Tour du Causse Méjean

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