markers for lozèreMarking out a hike.
©Marking out a hike.
A different way to hike!

Marking out a hike

Set off on a hike like no other! Marking out hikes is essential for good hiking practice and to avoid getting lost on the trail… Camille takes you with her to mark out the Aubépine hike, departing from Saint-Rome-de-Dolan.

Hiker on the GR65 route de CompostelleHiker on the GR65 route de Compostelle
©Hiker on the GR65 route de Compostelle

24 years old
Local resident and hiking fan!

The Gorges du Tarn along the river

Camille has tested the markings on the Aubépine hike, on the cornice of the Gorges du Tarn. Let’s follow her on her mission!

Discover the Aubépines hike:

Start at St Rome de Dolan – length: 6 km, duration: 1h45, D+ 175 m.

Coup de ♥: hawthorn, a thorny shrub that produces pretty white flowers, a plant once used by “witches”, it is now recognized for its health benefits.


Departure for a hike along the Gorges du Tarn!

This morning, I packed a big bag with all the tools I needed to mark out this Petite randonnée, as well as a pot of yellow paint and a brush to help me mark out the Aubépine hike I’m about to do.

Once I’d gathered all my gear, I set off for the village of St Rome de Dolan to begin the Hawthorn hike. There, a few parking spaces in front of the town hall allowed me to park safely in front of the starting sign for the hike.


On your marks, get set, mark… and enjoy!

I started to put yellow paint markers on numerous trees and rocks. Then I continued into the woods. There, I found myself alone with the company of birdsong. Along the way, I spotted several animal tracks, which had undoubtedly used the paths before me.

I set about marking out my route as wisely as possible, like the Little Thumb who left traces of his passage along the way.

On this hike, I discovered a magnificent Aven, lost in the middle of an undergrowth. A kind of haven of peace that gives us a feeling of absolute plenitude…


A hike to be marked out in the heart of nature

Only the level of the yellow paint pot was dropping, giving me an idea of how far I’d come. The feeling of bliss in contact with such an unspoilt, wild place never left me. In the distance, I could see many of the animals that live in the Gorges du Tarn. Two mouflons in particular, disturbed by my presence, fled just a few metres away. After a quick inspection on their part, they trotted off into the forest.

But some animal friends are braver! The vultures hovering close to the shore graced me with their pleasant presence. Of course, they must have wondered how I could have discovered their secret spots.

Without even realizing it, my mission was coming to an end. It was with a twinge of sadness that I put the final marker on a gigantic pine tree.

However, I know that next time, I’ll just have to let myself be guided and enjoy this magical setting once again…


End of the marking mission!

Time for me to leave the Aubépine hike… On the way back to my vehicle, I come across a group of hikers embarking on the same hike, who already seem delighted with the quality of the signposting! I take the liberty of informing them about the circuit, pointing out the best way to behave: follow the yellow signs (PR), don’t litter, don’t light fires… and also the possibility of indicating a danger or a problem on the circuit with Sentinelles.

Everything you need for this experience

Information to help you set off on your hike with confidence
  • What to take with you

    When marking out a hike or simply walking a trail, it’s best to set off well equipped!

    • The hiking map for the route concerned, in paper, PDF or GPX format.
    • Good hiking boots
    • Weather-appropriate clothing
    • water
    • A picnic (and a garbage can!)
    • A can of yellow paint for markers and a paintbrush!