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Short hikes (PR)

In the Gorges du Tarn, Vallée du Lot, Aubrac and Grands Causses regions

Are you looking for one or more short hikes inAubrac, on the cornice of the Gorges du Tarn, on the Causse Méjean, the Causse Sauveterre or in the Lot Valley?

We present all the short walks (PR) from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn, a wide choice of signposted (yellow) and well-maintained walks to enjoy during your Lozère vacations! Hikes to suit all levels, with different altimeter profiles and varying numbers of kilometers to explore our destination on foot.

You can download these short hikes below, or buy them in paper format on site, in the form of fact sheets, Chamina topos or IGN maps from the various Tourist Office offices.

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Hiking trails

From Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn


the list of Petites Randonnées

from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn

Hiking with views of the Gorges du Tarn on Causse Sauveterre and Causse Méjean

Around Point Sublime, Saint-Rome de Dolan, les Vignes…

  • N°1: Saint-Marcellin from Cauvel
  • N°2: La Baousse del Biel from La Bougarie
  • N°3: Cauvel from Cauvel
  • N°4: Les Aubépines from Saint-Rome de Dolan
  • N°6: La Caxe from Les Vignes
  • N°8: Le Cirque des Baumes from Point Sublime
  • N°9: Le Point Sublime from Saint-Georges de Lévejac
  • N°12: Mont-Rose from Laval du Tarn

Hiking on the Causse de Sauveterre

Around Massegros, Saint-Georges-de-Lévéjac, Chanac…

  • N°5: Recoules-de-l’Hom from Recoules-de-l’Hom
  • N°7: La Devèze from Le Massegros
  • N° 10 : l’Ancize from Saint-Georges de Lévejac
  • N°11 : Le Mazet from Le Recoux
  • N°13 : La Piguière from La Piguière
  • N°14 : La Tieule from La Tieule
  • N°15: Le Violon from Rouges-Parets
  • N°16 : Les sentiers d’Auxillac from Auxillac
  • N°17: La Capelle from La Capelle
  • N°20: Cadoule from Cadoule
  • N°19: Le sentier des Arts from Chanac
  • N°35: Around the hamlet of Gazy from Le Gazy
  • N°36: Prehistory trail between Laumède and La Nojarède

Hiking in the Lot Valley

Around La Canourgue, Banassac, Chanac…

  • N°19: La Roquette from La Canourgue)
  • N°20: Canilhac from Canilhac
  • N°21 : Montferrand from Banassac)
  • N°22: Red sandstone from Ségala
  • N°28: L’Arbussel from Les Salelles
  • N°29: Saliens trail from Les Salelles
  • N°30: La Rocherousse from Le Bruel
  • N°31: Sentier du Garde from Chanac
  • N°33: Le Villard from Chanac
  • N°34: Le Lot, rive gauche, rive droite from Chanac

Hiking in Aubrac

Around Saint-Germain du Teil, Les Salces, Col de Bonnecombe…

  • N°23: Jewish tombs from Saint-Germain du Teil
  • N°24: Le Petit Patrimoine from Saint-Germain du Teil
  • N°25: La Croix du Pal from Les Calmettes
  • N°26: La Boucle du Loup from Les Salces
  • N°27: Lou Saltou from Col de Bonnecombe
  • N°37: Le Pont de Mesclon from Saint-Pierre de Nogaret
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from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn