Lac de Bonnecombe on the Aubrac - Route des lacs. Trout fishing lake from May 1 to mid-September.Lake Bonnecombe on the Aubrac. Trout fishing pond from May 1 to mid-September.
©Lake Bonnecombe on the Aubrac. Trout fishing pond from May 1 to mid-September.

Bonnecombe pond

Gateway to the Aubrac plateau, at the start of the Route des Lacs.

On the Aubrac, you’ll find the Etang de Bonnecombe, perched at an altitude of 1350 meters. This is one of the Lozère fishing ponds, where you can fish for trout only.Etang de Bonnecombe is also accessible if you just want to take a stroll.

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Located in the commune of Les Salces, this pond is the gateway to the Route des Lacs, leading all the way to Nasbinals, and marks the starting point for breathtaking scenery.

Discover Etang de Bonnecombe

Etang de Bonnecombe lies on the banks of the Pesquio stream, surrounded by peat bogs and marshy areas, home to a rich and varied wildlife.

A pontoon bridge provides easy access to these areas and allows you to stroll around the Etang de Bonnecombe.

Fishing at Bonnecombe pond


During the summer, theEtangde Bonnecombe is open to all for rainbow troutfishing.

The site is managed by the Fédération Départementale de Pêche. The nearby buron is open to the public, where you can rent fishing rods and bait.

Fishing here is more leisure than sport-oriented, and it’s an ideal place for a family afternoon.



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Bonnecombe pond

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