Cascade du Déroc and Lac des Salhiens.Cascade du Déroc and Lac des Salhiens.
©Cascade du Déroc and Lac des Salhiens.|© B. Colomb Lozère Sauvage Pour Pact Aubrac

The Aubrac waterfalls

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Discover the sublime waterfalls of the Aubrac plateau , on the Lozère side. Three natural waterfalls are visible: the Cascade de Plagnes, the Cascade du Saltou and the largest of them all: the famous Cascade du Déroc. These waterfalls are accessible via the Route des Lacs.

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Aubrac waterfalls

Roam the green expanses of the Aubrac plateau in search of its hidden treasures, including remarkable waterfalls!



on the Aubrac plateau


The Cascade du Déroc

The Cascade du Déroc, with its breathtaking basalt organs, is the highest waterfall in Aubrac. Situated near the village of Nasbinals, this waterfall is on the Route des Lacs. Easily accessible, it’s a must-see for your Lozère vacation.


The Cascade du Saltou

Further south in Aubrac, near the Col de Bonnecombe, discover the mysterious Cascade du Saltou, which appears as if by magic in the middle of the pastures. This waterfall is accessible from a path at the edge of the road leading from the Col de Bonnecombe to Les Hermaux.


Cascade de Plagnes

Close to the Cascade du Saltou, you’ll find the pretty Cascade de Plagnes on the road to the eponymous hamlet. The waterfall is located on the road from Montfalgoux to the hamlet of Plagnes.

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