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Percnopter Vulture

The smallest of vultures

The Egyptian vulture, found in the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte, is a medium-sized bird of prey with a slender head and relatively short tail. They are migratory birds, coming from Africa as early as March to breed in less hot, arid lands. Egyptian vultures are fast-moving animals. In fact, they are capable of building several nesting places (raptor nests) in the hollows of cliffs, so as to have several places to nest, sleep or feed.

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When the eggs hatch, one or two newborns are raised by their parents for almost 3 months. They then take flight and become more independent, moving to different wintering sites from their parents.

Egyptian vultures are unable to cut up prey that is too large for their claws and beaks to handle.

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This is why the Egyptian vulture is more fond of small mammals or reptiles, and follows the griffon vulture in its diet. Once the former have eaten the flesh, the Egyptian vultures deal with the viscera and entrails, which are softer and easier for them to shred.

Establishing the Egyptian vulture in Lozère has been a laborious process. Since 2015, there have been just 2 pairs, one of which has only bred once.

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