Griffon vulture in flight in the Jonte and Tarn Gorges.Griffon vulture in flight in the Jonte and Tarn Gorges.
©Griffon vulture in flight in the Jonte and Tarn Gorges.
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The Griffon Vulture

The griffon vulture is the most common vulture in Lozère and the least shy of all, so it’s easy to spot it on the cliffs and rocky cirques of the Tarn and Jonte gorges. Its very short tail helps to distinguish it from the golden eagle, which is also present in the area and enjoys shared flights.

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Vultures are monogamous animals, meaning that they remain faithful to the same partner throughout their lives. In the region where they nest, food resources are abundant, enabling them to have a highly satisfactory reproduction rate to maintain and increase their population. Biologists claim that this result demonstrates the well-being of griffon vultures living in the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte.

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There are 800 pairs of griffon vultures between the Grands Causses and the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte. The potential for nesting on the rock faces and cliffs in this area encourages them to occupy a very large area, which contributes to their healthy development and mutual understanding. These birds live in groups, with each pair owning its own nest. They reach adulthood from the age of 4, after which they become increasingly independent. To feed, griffon vultures always travel in groups, scouting out the area and eating carcasses together, an action known as “curée”. This species consumes soft tissue, muscles and viscera. Other vulture species will do the rest later…

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