family with a view sainte enimie gorges du tarnView of Ste Enimie.
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DiscoverSainte-EnimieOne of France's most beautiful villages in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn


Sainte Enimie, in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn, has been awarded the“Most Beautiful Villages in France” label, thanks to its medieval charm, its narrow streets paved with Tarn pebbles, and its Burle spring at the foot of the village, which, according to legend, cured the Merovingian princess “Enimie” of leprosy. Come and discover this unmissable Lozère village: a must-see on your vacation with us!

A village

with an exceptional heritage

Sainte-Enimie is a major tourist attraction in the département and in the Gorges du Tarn, making it an ideal vacation spot for those interested in green, cultural or sports tourism. During the summer season, the village offers a wide range of activities, including festivals, night markets and cultural events. Sainte Enimie is also a starting point for canoeing and kay aking down the Tarn, and for hikes to the Grands Causses, such as the Chemin de Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert or the new GR736 “Sentier des Gorges et Vallée du Tarn”, which runs along the Tarn to the following villages.

The little village between the Causse Méjean and the Causse de Sauveterre has an unrivalled charm: its old streets, the Burle spring, its ancient staircases, its 17th-century bridge over the Tarn and its many shops, restaurants and craftsmen all contribute to its charm. The village of Sainte Enimie is simply not to be missed on your visit to the Gorges du Tarn.

A village

And a legend, that of “Sainte-Enimie

Sainte-Enimie is also known for its legend… Daughter of Clotaire II and sister of the famous Dagobert I, Enimie lived in the 7th century. The beautiful princess had chosen to devote her life to God, and had no use for all her suitors. To avoid a forced marriage, she asked the latter to lose her beauty… and so, miracle! She was stricken with leprosy, and no one would go near her. Then an angel appeared to her and told her to go to Gévaudan, to the waters of the Burle river, which flows through Saint-Enimie. This she did, and after several baths in the Burle spring, she found herself cured. After regaining her health, she decided to settle in a nearby grotto called l’Ermitage. She is said to have performed miracles and fought the Drac, the devil of the Occitan region, for a long time.


Stage on the GR736 Gorges et Vallée du Tarn

Located on the new GR736 Gorges et Vallée du Tarn, Ste-Enimie is an essential stop-off point for hikers, canoeists, paddlers, mountain bikers and even horseback riders. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants and accommodation. Hiking along the GR? Cross the bridge and explore the village and its picturesque streets – you won’t be disappointed!


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