chaos nimes le vieux causse méjeanchaos nimes le vieux causse méjean
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The chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux

Discover an exceptional site in the heart of the Causse Méjean

Discover the Chaos of Nîmes le Vieux in the Cévennes National Park.

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the Chaos of Nîmes le Vieux

Nîmes-le-Vieux on the Causse Méjean plateau

In the heart of the Parc Naturel des Cévennes, on the Causse Méjean plateau, lies the ruin-like Chaos de Nîmes le Vieux. It can be reached via the Col du Perjuret between Florac and Meyrueis. The site, discovered in 1908 by Pastor Paul Arnal de Vebron, was named after its cousin, the chaos of “Montpellier le Vieux“, discovered 25 years earlier by Martel.

This fabulous dolomite-eroded ruin is the source of many legends and tales. Nature has created veritable works of art, to which local tradition likes to give names: you’ll come across a lion, a tortoise, your mother-in-law…

A 4.5 km educational trail is marked out in 7 stages, numbered along the way.

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of Nîmes le Vieux