La Canourgue, La Canourgue, "Little Venice of Lozère" seen from the Roqueprins rock
©La Canourgue, "Little Venice of Lozère" seen from the Roqueprins rock

Roqueprins rock

Discover the Rocher de Roqueprins on the Causse de Sauveterre

Come and admire the Roqueprins rock from the village of La Canourgue, or the panoramic view of the Lot valley from its cross!

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Rocher de Roqueprins

Roqueprins Rock

The cliffs of the Causse de Sauveterre offer a multitude of viewpoints. Rising up like walls encircling this wild territory, the cliffs plunge almost directly into the Tarn to the south and rise above the fertile lands of the Lot Valley and the Urugne Valley to the north-west of the Causse.

The cliff overlooking the village of La Canourgue is known as the “Rocher de Roqueprins”. The “enclosing rock” offers a sublime panorama: in the foreground, the Lot Valley and the Vallon de l’Urugne, as well as the foothills of the Causse de Sauveterre, a few kilometers further on, the foothills of Aubrac and the Monts d’Aubrac and Margeride.

Discover the exceptional panorama on your way to Rocher de Roqueprins, either on foot from La Canourgue or Rougès-Parets, or by car on the road out of Rougès-Parets (in either case, follow the “Via Ferrata” signs). (The path is unpaved). You can read the landscape before your eyes from the orientation table. The spot is marked by a monumental cross that lights up at nightfall. It can be seen from miles away, shining like a Sauveterre lighthouse.

Panorama du Rocher de Roqueprins and its Via Ferrata

Looking for a thrill? Want to reach for the heavens, cling to the dizzying rocks and slide from one to the next, all the while overlooking an exceptional viewpoint? Don’t wait any longer, strap on your harness and set off on the Rocher de Roqueprins Via Ferrata. On your own, you’ll have plenty of time to take in the splendid panorama stretching from the Causses to the Monts de l’Aubrac, via the Lot Valley, as you climb the net stretched across the void or walk on the suspended footbridge. Fun and thrills guaranteed!

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of Roqueprins
  • How do I get to Rocher de Roqueprins?

    Rocher de Roqueprins is located on the Causse de Sauveterre in the Lozère département.

    It can be reached from the village of Rouges Parets via a rugged forest track.

  • Is there a hiking trail to the Roqueprins panorama?

    The “Le Violon – 12 Km” hike offers a loop starting from Rouges-Parets. This itinerary takes you up to Rocher de Roqueprins, where you can admire a panoramic view of the village of La Canourgue.

    Hiking map available from all Tourist Offices from Aubrac to Gorges du Tarn.

  • What can you discover near Rocher de Roqueprins?

    The surrounding area offers many points of natural and heritage interest:

    • Le Sabot de Malepeyre
    • Le Violon, remnant of an old farmhouse
    • Caussenarde architecture at Rouges-Parets and Mas de Donat
    • The rock-climbing initiation site at Rouges-Parets
  • How to enjoy the Via Ferrata at Roqueprins?

    The Via Ferrata is open all year round, and the necessary equipment can be hired from the “Du Haut des Trees” climbing park in La Canourgue.

    A number of Lozère guides offer half-day or full-day courses, from 35 euros:

    • B&ABA Sport Nature – Les Vignes
    • Lozère Escalade – Chanac
    • Mélanie et Guillaume – Le Massegros
    • Bureau des moniteurs de Sainte-Enimie – Sainte-Enimie
    • Vivez l’aventure – La Canourgue