Mandement de nogaret lozère aubracRemains of the Mandement de Nogaret.
©Remains of the Mandement de Nogaret.

Le Mandement de Nogaret

In the foothills of Aubrac

Over a long period, from the Middle Ages to the Revolution of 1789, the Gévaudan region was made up of eight baronies, to which could be added the “comtors” of Montferrand, who also owned the Mandement de Nogaret, comprising the communes of Saint-Germain du Teil, Saint-Pierre de Nogaret and Trélans.

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le MandementdeNogaret

The Mandement de Nogaret has been attached to the crown of the King of France since 1258. It enjoyed a special status that gave it the right to be represented at the Estates General of Gévaudan.

Ideal for controlling your surroundings

The Mandement de Nogaret was made up of small cultivated plateaus and deep valleys with dwellings accessible only by narrow paths.

As such, it was virtually impregnable to invaders, and played an important defensive role, particularly in controlling traffic routes from Rouergue and the hinterland to the Lot Valley.

The remains of Mandement

The Château de Nogaret, the seat of the Mandement for centuries, has long since been in ruins.

As for Château de Montferrand, its ruins can still be seen on the spur overlooking the lot and the Booz lake.

What is a

A mandate

A mandement is a written document issued by a bishop to the faithful of the diocese. In the Middle Ages, a mandement, or châtellenie, was a small administrative division.