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DiscoverThe village of TrélansOn the Aubrac Plateau


Discover Trélans, a small village perched on the Aubrac plateau, between a high point and a monastic barn…

The village of Trélans

On the famous Aubrac Plateau

Trélans is a commune located on the Aubrac plateau and its foothills. The commune covers an area of 23.4 km², and is home to just under a hundred inhabitants known as Trélandais. The highest point of the Aubrac region, Signal de Mailhebiau, lies to the north of the commune. Trélans is criss-crossed by numerous rivers, the main ones being Le Bès and Le Caldeyrac.

The Domerie d’Aubrac and the monastic barn at Plagnes

Near Trélans, in Plagnes, you can see the monastic barn of the Domerie d’Aubrac. A former monastery in the village of Aubrac, it was founded between 1108 and 1125 by the Abbey of Conques on the initiative of Adalard, a Flemish lord who nearly died on the plateau during his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. A place of hospitality for pilgrims crossing the plateau on the Via Podiensis on their way to Santiago de Compostela, the monastery gradually broke away from the control of the abbey of Sainte-Foy de Conques to take on major importance on the Aubrac. The monastic barn once housed 120 brothers and 30 sisters, as well as knights for protection, and at one time welcomed over a thousand people a day! To ensure this free welcome for all, the monastery owned a large amount of land in Aveyron and Lozère, which it farmed throughlivestockrearing. It was the monks who shaped the Aubrac landscape as we know it today, clearing huge tracts of land for their herds to graze. This model of agropastoralism can still be found on the plateau today. The Domerie d’Aubrac had several monastic barns, and Plagnes is one of the monastery’s three largest barns, forming a veritable hamlet.


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